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Our goal is to build meaningful relationships that support both personal and professional fulfillment.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to explore all facets of the human mind and discover what works in the realms of systematic thinking, interpersonal communication and self-development. We are involved in an unyielding quest to develop and teach change-work strategies that break through the limits of conventional therapy. Beyond this, we endeavor to share this knowledge with those who are passionate about igniting personal change.

We are committed to the overall success of each individual who makes use of the tools we provide. We are set on delivering the most sophisticated hypnotic techniques available, in a way that’s useful and easy to understand. Our goal is not only to sell products, but to also build meaningful relationships that support both personal and professional fulfillment.

We aim to improve the world, one person at a time, by teaching skills and concepts that enrich the lives of those we serve. In doing so, we will draw together a community of people that use hypnosis and NLP as an unstoppable force for good.

Our operation is one built on integrity, respect and a firm commitment to provide our clients with the highest quality of service. We are steadfast, however, in our search to learn more about the mind and how it can be used to create powerful positive change.

Our Trainer

After an accomplished career, Alex became fascinated with the field of human potential. Born in the UK, he spent many years in France before traveling the globe, looking for new and improved ways of optimizing mental and physical performance.

Alex has spent 20 years learning from some of the greatest minds in change-work philosophy. He studied holistic therapy, natural medicine, nutrition, meditation, hypnosis, NLP and personal development. In doing so, he uncovered some of the most powerful mental techniques available for creating lasting, positive change. He combined this knowledge with imaginative skill to create a unique and exceptionally effective set of therapeutic strategies.

In 2002, Alex launched an Australian company offering an exclusive brand of natural products to the general public. Beyond that, he went on to become an esteemed figure in the worlds of both NLP and hypnosis. Today, he teaches others how to apply his revolutionary smoking cessation and weight-loss systems, as well as transform their personal and professional lives using the power of NLP.

Experience and Credentials

• A degree in Business Communication from the University of Nice France, with specialized training in teamwork and negotiation.

• Certification in various natural and holistic therapies

• Certified NLP Master Practitioner, with a focus on treating addictions and phobias

• Certified Master Clinical Hypnotherapist

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