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Mastering Sales with NLP

Discover Mind-Blowing Ways to Increase Your Sales, Using the Power of Covert Persuasion and NLP

There is an incredibly powerful system of influencing techniques that master salespeople are using to generate millions of dollars in commissions on a regular basis. If you want to produce massive amounts of business to double, triple, or even quadruple your income, it is crucial that you master the art of selling.

Introducing Our Newly-Released “Mastering Sales with NLP” Training Program

You'll discover that you too can learn the closely guarded secrets of “Superstar” sales professionals. This is a comprehensive arsenal of advanced selling techniques that will give you the power to set your own salary.

What we are going to reveal in this program are the hidden secrets of human buying behavior, secrets that very few people in the business world ever acquire.

This is the “Holy Grail” of salesmanship, the priceless gem that often eludes even the most astute professionals in today's marketplace. There's a reason why top salespeople always seem to stay ahead of the game, why they seem to close even the toughest prospects with ease.

What if You Had the Most Advanced Methods of Covert Influence and Persuasion at Your Disposal?

Let me just explain a few things about the traditional sales model and why it no longer works for conducting business with today's consumers. The early 1900s saw the publication of many books on the art of good salesmanship. These manuals typically promoted a one-dimensional approach to presenting, negotiating and closing that was relevant to a salesperson operating in a generally uniform society.

But today's marketplace is more complex and more diverse. Consumers come from many different backgrounds, each with their own unique set of values, beliefs and needs. The problem is now that mainstream sales methods have not evolved to keep up with a changing world.

Today, you need tactics that enable you to influence the deepest drives of human behavior – methods of persuasion that motivate and inspire the individual to take action. Here are just some of the things that you'll learn in this groundbreaking course on the science of subliminal persuasion:

• How to uncover each prospect's unique “Buying Strategy,” and use it to your advantage.

• How to subtly redirect your prospect's objections and use them as leverage points that move you closer to the sale.

• How to intertwine your product or service with the prospect's inner compulsions, so that he “Just Has to Have”whatever you're selling.

• How to use your prospect's own instinctive guidance system as a selling tool.

• How to uncover your client's personal values and understand which ones will be most important in closing the sale.

• How to tailor your language, so that it matches the client's internal version of reality.

• Techniques for developing an instantaneous relationship of trust, respect, and credibility between you and the customer.

• And a whole lot more...

Maybe you’ve already been a sales professional for some time and now want to join the upper echelons of your field, or you might be a manager who needs to sell employees on the importance of achieving certain goals. You could also be a parent who is intent on selling certain values and standards to your children, or you might be a spouse who wants to convince your partner of a particular idea.

In each case, you can benefit from mastering the art of ethical influence and persuasion. This program is about directing focus, controlling states, intensifying desire, and getting people to act on your ideas. For those of you who are in the sales profession, you'll learn how to move the hearts and minds of your prospects, so that they develop an insatiable desire to buy. We'll also show you how to overcome their skepticism or doubt by taking the prospect into a compelling future where your product or service is the solution to his deepest concerns.

To become a Selling Superstar, you must control the sales conversation at every step. It's about taking the prospects from where they are, mentally and emotionally, to wherever you need them to be. To do this, you're going to implement a strategic system of prospecting, presenting and closing that's proven to get results.

Selling is not only about knowing what to say, but also about how to say it in a way that achieves your desired results.

Here are some more of the things that you'll learn in this advanced course on selling with NLP:

• How to master and control the “Inner Game” to close more sales.

• How to “Replay” the client's previous buying strategy, so that doing business with you seems natural and automatic.

• The mindset of a Sales Superstar.

• Getting into the right state of mind before meeting with a prospect, so that you automatically project charisma, intelligence, confidence and enthusiasm.

• How to subtly, yet elegantly, control the sales conversation from start to finish.

• Advanced strategies for leading the prospect toward your desired outcome.

• Using your voice as a tool of covert influence.

• Capturing your listener's attention, within seconds of starting a phone conversation.

• “Cloaking” suggestions, so that the prospect has no point of resistance against what you str saying.

• Getting the customer to choose from a selection of alternatives that all work out in your favor.

• Mesmerizing language patterns that automatically elicit an unconscious response.

• Using the “Pattern Interrupt” technique to disrupt your prospect's negative train of thought.

• Changing the quality of your client's ideas, so that your offer becomes virtually irresistible.

• How to “Seed” ideas in the client's mind, so that he continues to sell himself on your products or services for days, weeks and even months after your presentation.

• Dissolving belief systems that limit the client's ability to buy.

• And a whole lot more...

If you plan to make a significant impact in your profession, then you need to have the very best sales techniques at your disposal. You don't need to be a natural persuader or someone who has the ability to talk readily, glibly, and convincingly. Being a Sales Superstar is much more about listening to the prospect carefully, uncovering their personal buying strategy, and then leveraging that information to close. Because when you know what to look for, you'll find that prospects actually volunteer all the information you need to make the sale.

This training program will also teach you about creating long-term relationships with your customers because Superstars aren't interested in getting just a one-off sale. Instead, they are looking to create value-driven associations that last for years, maybe even a lifetime.

Selling at the highest levels of achievement is really about serving others. You don't force the client to buy, you stimulate their own inner drives, match your product to their deepest needs, and the sale takes place automatically. But in order to do this, you have to know what is really going on inside of your prospect’s mind. You need effective strategies for uncovering the leverage points that lead you to success.

Once you use NLP to understand how others think, you'll possess the ability to bypass people's resistance to buying things that they really want and need. You'll also be able to discover how different types of people make decisions, and use that knowledge to influence them at the subconscious level.

This course is ideal for all types of salespeople and anyone else who could benefit from acquiring the power to move the hearts and minds of others. This is the same set of mental tools used by today's most influential public figures. Politicians, top executives, renowned public speakers and Sales Superstars have all mastered the art of covert persuasion. Now it's your turn to join the highest rank of elite performers. Click the link here to get started.

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