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Our goal is to build meaningful relationships that support both personal and professional fulfillment.

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Become a Master Facilitator of Permanent, Positive Change

A coach, as described for our purposes, is someone who helps people and organisations reach greater levels of success and accomplishment. Right now, competent and qualified coaches of every discipline are in high demand. The best thing is that you, too, can now become an important part of this ever-expanding industry through our comprehensive Professional Coaching Certification Program.

Wouldn’t it be really nice to get paid for doing something that adds tremendous value to people’s lives, to quit holding onto a repetitive, mundane job, and instead, command an exciting and fulfilling career? Perhaps you’re simply ready for a change of pace, or looking to do some good in the world. The opportunity to do these things and much more is what you will take away from completing our Professional Coaching Certification course.

Coaching isn’t just the process of giving advice. It’s much more about helping others clear out mental clutter and dysfunctional patterns in a way that leaves them free to move forward. Coaches help clients create the psychological and behavioural space needed to let go of practices that no longer serve them. You may have been coaching others all of your life, without realising that you can do what comes naturally to you on a much grander scale.

By becoming a professional coach, you will have the privilege of getting people through some of the toughest times in life. You already possess the power to make amazing changes in yourself and the world around you. You are your most valuable asset. You have the talents, abilities, and intellect to get a whole lot more out of life. Now you can pass this knowledge on to others for satisfaction, profit, and prestige.

Here are some of the things you’ll discover in our Professional Coaching Certification Program:

• Understanding the value of ethical standards and learning how to employ them properly in the context of coaching
• Understanding what is required from both coach and client during the interaction
• Establishing a safe, nurturing and supportive atmosphere, based on mutual respect and trust
• Developing a heightened sense of observation and an intuitive understanding of interventions that must be put in place
• Developing an ability to hear not only what the client is saying, but also messages that come through “beneath the words”
• Understanding how what the client says, fits into the context of his or her identity, desires and needs
• How to ask questions in a way that reveals essential information that you will need to help each client achieve success
• How to use language that is positive, powerful and effective
• How to create action tasks that facilitate learning and growth
• Keeping the client’s focus on important factors and keeping him or her accountable through the process

You may or may not believe that you have the natural aptitude for counselling others. However, anyone who completes one of our training programs will develop the skills, abilities, and attitudes that it takes to become a world-class coach. There are several reasons to become certified and accredited through our organisation. For one, we will make certain that you are well-schooled in practices that meet or exceed international standards of excellence. This alone will rank you well among those who are considered true masters in the art of coaching.

Credentials of this sort let others know that you are affiliated with an exclusive class of elite performers in the coaching field. They also serve to remind you of everything learned and accomplished during the course, giving you a greater sense of confidence and self-assurance. The advantages of becoming a certified professional coach are many, but just check out some other benefits you’ll receive by completing our training program:

• You will learn our “Business in a Box” system for generating massive amounts of personal income as a certified professional coach
• You’re going to acquire communication, motivational and behavioural skills that will help you become extremely more effective in any area of life
• You’ll be your own boss, taking on only the clients that you want to and working on your own terms
• You can create a highly profitable business anywhere in the world. Using the tools of today’s technology, like cell phone and Skype, you can even offer virtual consultations for clients in other parts of the globe
• You will learn how to adjust your process to fit individuals, managers, employees, families and business owners, making you an indispensable asset to this industry
• You will receive valuable, real-time feedback that will mould you into a world-class coach
• You will be well trained in all 11 “Core Competencies” of the International Coach Federation (ICF), a non-profit organisation considered to be the world’s leading authority of professional coaching standards

Our Professional Coaching Certification Program is one of the most in-depth and comprehensive training systems available for helping your clients create long-lasting, positive change. Whether your aim is to coach as a motivator, mentor, relationship adviser, business consultant or corporate strategist, we will give you the techniques, knowledge and confidence to become massively successful. By learning our time-tested, proven methods, you will have the very best and most effective strategies of results-driven coaching. Click here to find out how you can take advantage of this amazing opportunity, and begin travelling your road to success as a Certified Professional Coach.

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